You might feel that the end of your workout that that is your work done.

Reality is though this is where the work really BEGINS, especially for your body.

We know that you have been pushing yourself during your training session. That you have given it your all and that means that you’re barely able to walk out of the session. Sweat pouring down you, really what else is there for you to give? How can the work only just be starting?

Well, this is the time that your body starts kicking in to refuel all the muscle energy stores that you’ve used.

To repair the little tears that you have made in your muscles – this is the process by how you get stronger over time. The tears get repaired, making the muscles stronger so that they don’t tear so easily next time, enabling you to push that bit further each session and why you need to keep pushing to a new limit in order to keep your progress going.

Your body will use whatever energy source it can find and that is the easiest for it to breakdown to help facilitate these repairs and refuels in the most efficient way it can. The body is smart and doesn’t like to work harder than is absolutely necessary to achieve what it needs.

Some of these refuel and repair will come from the breakdown of other muscles in the body, they’re the easiest for the body will breakdown.

Some more will come from the fat stores that your body carries around with it. This is why a good training regime and a good nutrition plan will lead to you becoming leaner over time.

The way for you to help your body refuel and repair as well as possible is for you to FUEL it after your workout.

Now, contrary to some myths out there you DON’T need to be chugging down a protein shake within 10 seconds of finishing your last rep or the training session.

But you should be aiming to take on some good proteins and carbs with about 60-90 mins of finishing your training session.

One of the problems with post training nutrition is that a lot of people use that as a time of reaching for the junk because they feel like they have ‘earned’ it. Now it is true that your metabolism is working at a much higher rate after your training, so it would burn through that kind of food quicker.

That being said, it’s not a bottomless pit and what you eat then still counts towards if you’re eating enough, too much or too little during the day and will then effect what your overall progress can be.

This problem normally arises when you’ve pushed yourself really hard in a training session and you know you just need to get some food in you here and now. We all know that feeling don’t we. This is the same problem as going food shopping when hungry – you normally don’t make the best choices when you’re in that state.

The best thing you can do is have a good post workout snack that doesn’t overload the food quantity for the day but at the same time satisfies your insatiable hunger there and then – so you don’t end up demolishing a whole pack of biscuits just because they’re the closest thing to hand 😉

A great option for this is visiting our café area after your training. You will find freshly made smoothies and shakes as well as high quality, nutritious bars, nuts and coconut waters that will enable you to refuel, repair and re-hydrate in a way that is going to help you achieve your goals and not be a negative influence on the hard work that you’ve been putting in.

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