There is a whole industry out there based on health foods.

Creating and marketing foods that are the healthier option for us to lead a better-balanced life and diet – or so it seems.

For example, most ‘low-fat’ foods are higher in sugars and carbs and flavourings than the full fat variety.

But that’s a story for another day. What we are going to be talking about today is Smoothies and Juices (and NO, this is not Juice Plus and all that kind of rubbish!)

Smoothies and Juices are becoming more and more popular these days (especially when it’s getting warmer like it is!) and rightfully so, a well-blended smoothie can be really nutritious and pack your body with all kinds of vitamins and minerals that you might be missing from your day to day life.

In fact, a good greens smoothie taken daily can improve energy, digestion, improve weight loss and strengthen your immune system to name but a few benefits.

With a greens smoothie like this that you would make at home, or even find at a smoothie stand, the green veggie to fruit ratio will be at least 2:1 sometimes even 3:1.

It being the things like kale, spinach, swiss chard etc that gives it the benefits and colour. Now, let’s say you either don’t want to make your own or are running late one day and decide to grab one on the go from the supermarket.

There’s shelves and shelves of them to choose from these days, all promising various benefits and looking oh so healthy.

With labels like ‘no added sugar’ it’s easy to think that these are wonderful and just as good for you as the ones you either make at home or can get freshly made.

But…there’s always a but, these ones are having at least the opposite ratios of fruit to veggies….some don’t even have veggies in at all and are just pure fruit juice.

Now at this point you should be aware that when we drink juices etc we can consume a lot more calories than when we eat the same amount of solid food.

For example, a small bottle (250ml) of the ‘Not Guilty’ 😉 Green Machine contains;

3 1/3 apples

1/3 kiwi

1 Banana

Slice of pineapple

1/3 mango

How hungry do you still feel after knocking back one of these Green machines or similar? Most people it would barely touch the sides and they could either have that along side a meal deal sandwich, lunch or some other meal.

Now, what is that fruit was all in it’s solid form? How much of that could you actually eat in one sitting – while still eating more food as well? Most people here would be not very much!!

There is, in fact, more sugar in a 240ml bottle of this than the equivalent amount of Coke.

Yes, we know they are different sugars – but that’s still 7 tsp worth of sugar.

This isn’t about bashing the smoothies and juices because they do have their place in a balanced diet.


It’s about being AWARE of what you’re putting into your body and that it’s not ALWAYS as healthy as they claim to be.

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