One of the most common frustrations when trying to lose weight is seeing it not happen.

There are many things that can factor into this, but one that we will tackle today is overeating.

We often hear about how well someone is eating but still not seeing any progress, despite everything else being in line. And on the surface their meals can SEEM really ‘healthy’ but here are 4 factors to bear in mind that might be holding back the healthy progress that you feel you should be making.

1 – Lack of appropriate portion control.

When we dish our meals up at home and all sit down together it’s easy to just put the same amount of food on each persons plate, it seems ‘fair’ that way, BUT a 5’4” woman is going to need less food than a 6’0” man (or vice versa :p )

Someone might not even be looking to lose weight etc and just happy to clear what’s on their plate and yet we still portion the plates the same size. Or will eat the same size plate if out for dinner and ordering the same dish.

So here, it’s about learning how much YOU need for your desired goal and portioning appropriately.

2 – Finishing off the kids meals.

Wasting food is a tough one, we all know that. But tucking into that extra couple of slices of pizza, those extra chicken nuggets, those chips that you cooked too many of. Even the pasta and chicken dish that they kinda love and you give them because it’s a healthy option will still count.

3 – Thinking because it’s healthy it’s unlimited

This is mainly true when it comes to foods that are high in fat sources. Nut’s, avocados, peanut butter, olive oil, olives etc. Although yes they ARE healthy, eating too much is still eating too much and going to prevent weight loss. It’s VERY easy to do with fats because they’re so tasty 😊 free pouring the olive oil over the salad and you can be using 3-4 times the amount you think you are. Those travel packets of nuts you can pick up at the garage can be finished in 10 mins or under if you’re hungry and can easily be over ¼ your daily recommended intake in a ‘snack’

4 – Feeling like you ‘earned’ that cake

It’s really easy to tell yourself that after a good training session you’ve EARNED that slice of cake, that portion of ice cream, that chocolate bar….you get the idea.

Just because your fit bit or whatever you’re using has said you’ve burned 400 calories in that spin session doesn’t mean that you’ve EARNED that 300 calorie slice of cake. If you want the cake then eat it, but don’t think in a way of you earning it.

Because it’s something you eat after you train you then subconsciously forget about it later in the day, but it still counts!!

One of the best ways I’ve heard it described is that if you only ever pay off the minimum on your credit card you’re going to be stuck in the same place for years. The same is true for your weight loss. If you’re not focused on what you put in your mouth ALL day, not just at the main 3-4 then any training you do is just paying off the minimum and you’re going to spend years stuck in the same places.

In most cases it doesn’t mean a massive diet overhaul is needed, just to be more mindful about portions, snacks and picking. Getting this dialled in can have a huge impact on your outcomes.

What do you find is a way you subtly overeat?

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