Perfection is something that hangs out in front of us like a carrot hanging from a stick over the donkeys’ head to get it to keep moving.

The search for perfection.

The perfect diet.

The perfect workout.

The perfect holiday.

The perfect house.

The perfect relationship.

To achieve perfection is portrayed as something that will bring joy, happiness and fulfilment.

Whereas trying to be perfect can be a journey full of stress, annoyance, frustration, anxiety and depression.

Perfection doesn’t exist!

Stop trying to chase after it and instead of trying to be perfect and then feeling the failure that comes with it not being attained and the potential to just then give up completely as you feel so overwhelmed with the whole process.

Instead, just focus on being a little bit better today than you were yesterday.

That little bit better tomorrow than you are today.

It’s about progress over perfection.

If you can push that little bit harder today than you did yesterday, then you’re on a winning path.

If you can dial in your nutrition that little bit more today than yesterday, then you’re on a winning path.

It’s not about changing everything overnight and getting it all 100% done 100% of the time. There may well be the odd day that you hit it all exactly how you pictured it being, that perfect day, but that’s going to be the minority of the time.

So, this week there’s not really any difference between Just Starting or Stepping Up because the message for both is this;

Just try to be a bit better today than you were yesterday

Try to achieve a bit more today than you did yesterday

Add that extra 1% a day, every day and over a period of time it will add up to a massive difference. Stop trying to take massive leaps every now and again, instead take smaller steps that are more manageable more often.

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