Does seeing the number 70 make you happy?

Does it make you sad?

Does it make you feel frustrated or accomplished?


How about 80, 65, 140, 180, 10, 37, 64?

Do these numbers change how you’re feeling about yourself?

Do they affect your mood?

Do they affect how you behave?

Of course they don’t, they’re just numbers.

But what happens if we put kg, lbs, cm or inch after them, how do you feel about them now?

Now these numbers suddenly feel like they mean something don’t they.

It’s easy to fall into a trap of letting these numbers dictate how we feel about not only the result of the effort that we have put into the training and nutrition but also if it’s worth doing and even how we feel about ourselves.

The crazy thing in these are still just numbers.

They are a tool to let us know how things are going but we can attach so much emotion to them.

If we let them these numbers can make us feel like we’re either winning or losing at life.

There have been many a time where I have been feeling good about what I was doing training and eating wise. Then got on the scales and measured just to see the numbers have gone in the ‘wrong’ direction.

Then gone from feeling really good about myself and life to feeling fed up and asking what the point is in a matter of minutes – potentially then going off to by a packet of biscuits/chocolate that would be demolished very quickly to reinforce the feelings from the numbers that I had got (happened more than once)

These numbers are indicators. They are facts about what is working and what isn’t and give the ability to keep up with what you’re doing, or course correct if needed.

They are not a pass or fail standard of your happiness, your fulfilment or how you feel about yourself.

If you find yourself getting emotionally attached to the numbers, then stop weighing and measuring for at least 4-6 weeks.

Instead of focusing on what the numbers are telling you start focusing on how you’re feeling.





These are just a few ways you judge how you are doing without having to weigh or measure yourself.

Hide your scales and tape measure for a while – or get someone else to do that for you 😉

Start a journal of how your feeling about your progress, about how you’re feeling about yourself and the energy that you have, how you find your moods.

How you feel your progress is going towards your goal….because you have identified a reason beyond wanting to lose weight and set a realistic time period for it….haven’t you??

If not, fret not, we will be covering the ‘5 Whys’ in next week’s edition.

For now, try to detach yourself from those scales and tape measure and feel more of your journey and progress. Instead of letting the numbers dictate how you feel about you.

*Disclaimer, this isn’t an excuse to not monitor your progress at all and only works if you are making a good effort to train and improve your nutrition 😊

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