Sports Injury Clinic every Thursday 

Have you had a recent injury? Plagued by pain during or after training? Need some answers? Then pop in for a consultation with Alison Coe, in our Thursday Sports Injury Clinics.

’With over 20 years experience in A&E trauma and minor injuries I am passionate about clinical diagnosis and using examination and movement to get to the bottom of a problem’.

sports injury clinic at elite fitness
sports injury clinic at elite fitness
sports injury clinic at elite fitness
Are you asking…

Why does it hurt?
What did I do ?
Is it safe to exercise?
Should I be training with this injury?
Is it more serious?
Should I be worried?
Who should I go to for help?

Alison will help you train safely through injury. By working closely with the trainers at Elyte Fitness she will modify your exercise and keeping you on track throughout your rehabilitation.

I am here to help isolate the problem and explain what is going on. If you understand what is going on under the surface with an injury it gives you a good idea of how to get it back to full strength. After that you can take the information back to your trainer, physio or massage therapist for treatment.

Consultations will be between 20-30 mins and cost £30 – Both day time and evening appointments available on Thursdays.

Call us on 01353 650 428 to book an appointment

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