Family sized boxes of chocolates, endless bottles of prosecco, late night cheese boards and perhaps one too many beers, the antics of the last couple of weeks have certainly been indulgent and rightfully so!

New years resolutions are looming above us and ‘back on track’ is at the top of most of our agendas. We are suggesting small steps, consistency and determination. We will be sharing with you our weekly nuggets of wisdom to help you achieve your goals- taking it back to basics and helping you build good habits from the start,

There is one area that often gets overlooked when it comes to “getting back on track” or even getting on track for the first time, the most important secret of the trade, a magic pill…Hydration!


Yes it’s not the sexiest of subjects and has often been described as being boring to drink but here’s the thing; getting your boring water intake to the levels it’s supposed to be not only has many health benefits but also can aid your fat loss and performance goals.

You are made of (on average) about 60% water, yet it’s something that is ignored by so many – in a study of 30,000 people less than 1% drank the amount of water recommended!!

Upping your water intake helps with:

Energy levels – You are able to do more, move more, achieve more.

Brain functions – You can think more clearly, remember more and don’t get that brain fog.

Mood – if you find yourself being grumpy a lot of the time it could just be that you’re thirsty.

Hunger –  Thirst is often mistaken for hunger, drink more water and you will eat less food.

Headaches – The brain is roughly 70% water, you don’t drink enough, it suffers and starts making it known to you that it’s in pain = headache, drink more water and often, the headache will disappear. (remember that hangover ? Dehydration!)

In short – Drink more water.

Drinking enough water not only helps you reach your goals but is good for your health.

So this is all well and good but how do you go about putting this into practice?


If you’re just getting started we’re going to keep this really simple.

 Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning, before your coffee or tea. Then to make sure you have a glass of water with each meal during the day and another one about 60 minutess before you go to bed.

Doesn’t sound too demanding does it? How confident are you on a scale of 1-10 that you can manage that? (1 being no chance and 10 being I’ve got this in the bag)

If you’re like the majority of people out there this alone will increase your water intake by 30-50%

You don’t just do this every now and again, this is every day. We need this to be your focus for the next 7 days. Mark it off. Set your glass out next to the kettle the night before so you see it in the morning and don’t forget!


Now, what if you’ve been drinking a decent amount of water for a while?

Well in that case you can get a bit more specific about it. A common guide for water intake for the aim of fat loss is to drink roughly 1.5 pints of water per 22.5kg.

So that would mean that a 75kg person would need to drink 5 pints of water throughout the day, easy right?

Now, if you’re currently drinking about half of that, don’t make the jump up over night, because you will just wee… a lot! Make a plan to increase it over a week period, an extra half a pint a day, and stick to it.

How confident are you that you can achieve that on the 1-10 scale?


  • No matter where you’re starting from. The more coffee and tea you drink the more you will need to add additional water – a good guide is for every cup of tea or coffee you drink you need 2 small glasses of water to balance out your hydration.
  • The more sweet and salty foods you eat the more water you need to drink.
  • For every alcoholic drink, have a glass of water.

Drink more water.

Take this one on for the next 7 days, track it and let us know how you’re doing with it.  If you are struggling – use our closed Facebook group where our trainers can offer tips and words of encouragement as well as to share your experience with others.

We look forward to hearing about your progress !



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