Real Life… Now

It gets to a point where I’m sure that you would rather read something closer to real-life than over the top Mr/Mrs Motivator

Now don’t get me wrong, there are tonnes of amazing people and coaches who are trying to uplift the people that they can communicate with. And that’s great!

I hope you understand that I complement all of their efforts, and, I really appreciate that people are trying to be inspiring to others.
However, after seeing 15-20 gym owners and coaches smash their Monday morning with 1000 rep home workouts and 12 different low-calorie dishes using only tinned foods.
It almost made me feel worse, that I am not able to keep up.

So my advice:

  • Strive to make things as good as they can be. Keep picking up tips and tricks from people that might help you along the way.
  • Don’t put a huge expectation on things being perfect, and we have always been about progression and not perfection.
  • In this tough time, don’t be scared to understand you are not going backwards, you are staying healthy by maintaining a decent level of fitness. Doing the basics!
  • Motivation will wave, day to day even hour by hour. Sometimes you will feel like smashing it – 10/10 and other times you will feel flat with no desire or energy – 1/10

The discipline theory is doing what’s necessary.

The discipline line is doing the bare minimum to prevent taking big steps backwards.


  • Even if I feel 10/10 or 1/10, I’m still going to exercise at least 2-3 times this week.
  • Even if I feel 10/10 or 1/10, I’m going to eat mostly clean and balanced this weekend.
  • Even if I feel 10/10 or 1/10, I’m going to drink enough water today
  • You could, in fact, feel motivated enough to train every day, track every calorie on target and adopt optimal water intake to the exact millilitre.

But don’t beat yourself up if you don’t!

During this time, most lives are upside down and there will be loads of stuff that requires more energy, more attention and more time.
The kids off school, work instability, health fears, family worries and financial issues.
So avoid setting big targets and putting yourself under so much pressure during this period.
Focus on doing the basics and making sure you don’t lose what I’ve worked hard to achieve, and you will definitely be celebrating come to the end of this patch we find ourselves in!

Stay active, stay safe x

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