It’s going to happen at some point, just accept it.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?

What is it that’s going to happen?

You’re going to fall off the wagon. You’re going to miss a day, you’re going to mess up your plan.

Whatever it is that you are doing and however you follow that game plan there is going to be that day that it doesn’t happen.

It could be for all sorts of reasons, emergency in day to day life. Work getting in the way. Illness, injury, oversleeping, ill kids, holiday.

Whatever it is there is something that propels you to miss that day. Eat differently. ‘Fall off plan’

If you think back to any time that you have stopped doing something that you were committed to in the past it all traces back to that one day that you didn’t continue with the plan.

Now, missing this ONE DAY in the grand scheme of thing ISN’T that significant.

What is massively significant though is what you do and how you behave AFTER that day.

You see, every time you start a positive direction and journey in your life it all starts with that first day. With taking that first step and then continuing the process day after day. Sticking to the plan and keeping on putting the work into it.

It all starts with that first action.

The flip side of that is heading in a negative direction ALSO starts with that one day. That one action – or in this case, often that one INACTION – and continuing the process day after day from there. Before you know it, you are weeks or even months down the line and a bit confused about how you actually got to being where you are and how on earth to get back on track again where it can feel like trying to climb a mountain just to get the motivation to start it again.

There are a couple of different ways that you can handle when you miss this time – especially if it’s not planned.

You can beat yourself up for not sticking to what you said you were going to do. You can feel like you’ve failed because you didn’t hit that day. You can think that you have ruined your progress so what’s the point in carrying on with what you were doing?

It’s like when you tell yourself you’re going to have 2 of those biscuits but they’re so tasty that you end up eating 5 of them and then instead of accepting that as the case you feel you’ve done the damage now so you might as well finish off the whole pack – and the kids Easter eggs that are left over…..or is that just me??

The point is that it’s easy to fall into the mindset that you feel like you’ve done the damage now, so you might as well go all out on the damage.

The other way to handle it is to accept that it’s happened. To understand that this is normal and will likely happen at some point.

Then to look at the reasons WHY it happened and if there’s anything that can be introduced, anything that you can do to prevent that being an issue next time through. Learn a lesson if it’s possible to from it.

Then you just get back on it.

Dust yourself off and take that step back onto the track and start the positive direction going again.

It’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s easy that’s for sure but it is simple.

Just get back on it, learn any lessons that you can from the situation and move on. Happy, content and knowing that you are doing your best.

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