Picture this, you have this wonderful poster sized photo print capturing a wonderful moment that you’ve experienced

We’ll wait here a moment while you bring that picture to mind 😊

Now you want to put this picture on display. So, you and others can enjoy it. The first thing to do is to get a frame to put it in, right?

(Bear with me here, this will be relevant)

Now, if you’ve framed any picture or photo in the past you’ll understand that the right frame can either make or break the picture.

This doesn’t mean that the frame that MAKES IT needs to be the most elaborate and expensive frame that there is.

It just needs to be right for what you feel the picture needs.

The most elaborate one might end up being what BREAKS IT

The point of this is that you need to FRAME it right to get the best out of it.

Well, that’s not just true when it comes to hanging a picture.

It’s true for all of life as well.

What you get out of a situation or experience depends on how you frame it in your mind. Before. During. After the event.

How does this concept work in real day to day life?

Let’s use weight loss as an example here.

There are quite a few frames that you could use but we’ll focus on 2 big ones

The HATE Frame and the LOVE frame

You look at yourself in the mirror, you’re not looking – or feeling for that matter – how you want to be. We all know this situation!

But what happens next? How does framing this situation make a blind bit of difference to the outcome?

We’ll start with the HATE frame.

With this frame you’re looking in that mirror feeling hate and disgust with yourself. What is wrong with me for letting myself get to look like this? You feel stuck and hopeless and want things to change NOW. You are filled with lots of doubt, negative self-talk, mentally beating yourself up. You view exercise and diet as a punishment – something you deserve, not that you enjoy. You find yourself fighting against it all the time, having cravings for the old foods but feeling like a trooper for eating stuff that you don’t even enjoy just to get that change.

Because this is suffering and punishment to you, you hardly ever reach the goals you’d set out for….or if you do the ‘bounce back’ is very common because it was never about a lifestyle change….how could it be when you hated the whole process and felt miserable during it. With your self worth attached to what the scales said that week.

Now, let’s flip that.

We’ll look at the exact same situation through the LOVE frame.

Here you can be honest with yourself, you can appreciate that you’re not where you want to be. You’re not feeling as great as you could be but that’s ok. Recognising that and accepting that is the first step to taking a change that lasts. A change that can have you feeling and looking better for life.

You recognise that what you’re looking at is the result of your life so far. The ups and the downs, the happiness and the depression and stress – some of which may have been softened with certain foods or by binge watching Netflix for days and weeks at a time.

You can recognise that what you are looking at is the result of this BUT that doesn’t mean it’s YOU. That you can be the outcome of whatever actions you choose to take.

That you want to value and love yourself more. That you want to take more care of yourself and give yourself (and your family) a better life moving forward.

So you starting finding forms of exercise you like and enjoy….plenty to choose from here 😊

You start to change what you eat, but you enjoy the process. You’re having fun. You’re smiling 😉 you’re making progress and you’re feeling better about it each week.

Now, looking at that same situation right now, which frame do you currently see it through?

Which frame do you WANT to be seeing it through?

The change is yours to make IF YOU WANT IT…

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