Getting Started

The fact that you are reading this suggest you are ready to either take your fitness to another level, or ready to start as a beginner. Either is fine and you are in good hands.

It can be daunting changing your current habits, but it’s important to understand that if you want to change your body shape and your health, you will have to make changes in every aspect of your life. It comes down to commitment and patience. And without this, we can simply not guarantee the results.


We want to make it simply. There is always so much to do that there is hardly any time to figure out what to eat, and when you do decide what to eat, the last thing we need is hours of preparation so it is no wonder that, as a society, we consume such an enormous amount of processed foods.   The shear convenience makes it an easy choice in our hectic, nonstop lifestyles, despite the fact that most of us are all too aware that this is not the healthy option.


Just think of it this way, it makes perfect sense that you feel sluggish and bloated when eating processed foods; our bodies actually have to spend more energy digesting the type of food Mother Nature never intended to cross our dinner plates.  Processed foods are cheap, usually easy to prepare and highly addictive but you will definitely pay the price with regards to feeling fit and living a long and healthy life!

We need to change your thinking about kcal counting and limiting food intake. This is unhealthy and not enjoyable, and therefore an unsustainable way to lose unwanted body fat or to change your body shape.  Just relying on training will not work. This is not only related to visual results. You need to understand how this plays a vital role with your health.

Your body relies on good nutrition to absorb the vitamins and minerals it requires to maintain good health.  So we will make sure we don’t encourage an unhealthy restrictive, low nutritious diet.  It would also be sad to spend your life craving food, feeling unhealthy and missing nutrients that helps you to feel full and satisfied.

We are not here to tell you how to be a perfectionist with your eating, however, we would like to show you how progression becomes habit, and habit can become permanent behavior. We will provide you with new meals and snacks on our website.


We hope you will look upon the following nutritional information and advice as a frame of reference, leading to a new way of thinking about the way you feed your body.  It is also about setting realistic goals for each day and looking at this as a lifestyle change.  Focus on progress, not perfection.  Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life.  Start a “clean slate” and make conscientious decisions about what you feed yourself and your family.


This will complement your training program.   It is easy to fit into your life and will be that springboard that will launch you on your journey to being addicted to Feeling Good!

We are not here to give you the perfect weekly meal plan, because this would be too difficult to please everyone. We just want you to have an understanding of healthy meals and portion control.

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