You will have noticed that we have changed the name of our classes, organising them into four fundamental elements of functional fitness. The idea is that you can combine them into the perfect training programme for you. Add Yoga, Pilates and Spin to the mix and you have a range of training that you will never tire of.


So, you have been attending our tabata, functional blast and fusion classes  – but what are exactly are they?

They fall under a type of training called conditioning. All we have done is combined the elements of fusion and tabata to create our new CONDITIONING CLASS. High intensity cardio training that challenging’s your heart and lungs, leaving you sweaty, invigorated and trembling from head to toe. Our CONDITIONING classes are designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Brace yourself – these fast-paced, explosive workouts will completely blow away any preconceptions about cardio training. Expect engaging and enjoyable sessions with friendly competition – and a workout that is way more effective than a treadmill. If you are wanting to shed a few pounds, run faster for longer or improve your sports specific cardio level then CONDITIONING is a great class to incorporate into your training schedule.


Strength is arguably the single most important facet of overall fitness. Our ELYTE STRENGTH classes will target all major muscle groups using free weight or functional resistance training, making you stronger, leaner and more efficient. Just like your Body Sculpt, Functional Circuits  and Ripped, our new STRENGTH class will teach you how to lift safely and effectively helping you to build muscle tone, functional strength and lean muscle using a range of techniques and exercise that will challenge your whole body. If you are wanting to create muscle definition, hit that deadlift PB or learn how to do a pull up then our STRENGTH class is perfect. Not only is STRENGTH an amazing stand alone class, but in combination with our other classes, it will help you achieve your individual goal.

ELYTE POWER  – What’s that ? 

We all need power on a daily basis, from walking up stairs to simply standing up out of your office chair. If you play sport or enjoy staying active, power is critical. Our power classes will focus on acceleration and speed, transforming your body into an efficient force generator.  Expect short explosive movements with longer rest periods that challenge your plyometric power and your body’s ability to create force and velocity through tempo and movement. In our ELYTE POWER classes the focus is on performance, we want you to jump high, throw hard and fly far. POWER is an amazing class to incorporate if you want your body to be fit and efficient and a great fitness component to incorporate into your schedule if you compete in a sport such as rugby, football, Triathlons ect ect.

ELYTE CORE – more than just sit ups!

Think you’ve been building core strength? Think again. At ELYTE, we see core strength as your body’s ability to stabilise and generate force during movement. Much more than just crunches our core stability workouts bring into focus a range of muscles and set out to improve balance, posture, range of motion, flexibility and your overall stability. Expect to flow from movement to movement with control combining primal patterns with compound exercises that challenge your balance and strength. If you truly want abs and to balance on that one leg then CORE is for you, in combination with our conditioning classes, power and strength you will be the true image of functional fitness.

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