It’s nearly that summer holiday season

With the weather being like it has been recently, the odd bit of sunshine sparkling through I bet you’re thinking beach or sunny holiday – or hopefully there will be some sun wherever you’re going to be ending up.

Now the one thing that often comes along with that is the “I need to get my summer body” thought.

In fact, leading up to summer is the second busiest time for people taking up a new fitness program. Joining a gym. Or generally getting into this last-minute fitness craze.

Bring on all the big promises laid on by some of the mass marketing companies and even independent local facilities.

“Lose 1 stone in 4 weeks”

“Drop 2 dress sizes in 4 weeks”

“6 pack abs in 3 weeks”

“Lose your beer belly in 4 weeks”

You know the kind of thing that we’re talking about here. Even if you haven’t seen these exact claims and headlines you will have seen similar ones.

We even had someone come along who was looking to lose considerable weight for health reasons and had been told by another facility that he could lose over 30kg in 12 weeks!!

Just to put this into perspective, that’s 2.5kg per week!! The NHS ‘safe weight loss’ and sustainable recommendations is between 0.5-1kg per week.

Just ponder on that for a minute.

We live in a culture of wanting what we want right now and getting impatient when we don’t get it. It’s hardly surprising when we have access to so many things instantly, downloadable films and music so we don’t even need to go to the shop are just a couple of examples.

Going back to those headlines above, the thing is this. Depending on where you are starting from those are ALL achievable.

BUT….and it’s a big but, they’re NOT SUSTAINABLE!

To lose a stone in 4 weeks for example will involve an intense training program and a very restrictive diet. The process itself may not be fun for you and you’ll be tying all your happiness and self-worth to the numbers on the scale, and we have already discussed how detrimental that can be to you in the long-term (if you missed that edition then it’s here)

Extreme workout programs and excessively restrictive diets are the cause for most of the Yo-Yo-ing that happens these days in peoples’ weight and exercise pattern. If you’re anything like 85% of the population that has spent anytime trying to lose weight in one of these ways, you’ll be familiar with the fact that as soon as you come off these diets or training regimes you soon put that weight back on….and in a lot of cases some extra as well.

This has a lot to do with the speed at which it was lost, the restrictions that were put in place, hormone imbalance that has been caused by that and jumping back to old habits because the plan was just short term.

We understand that you want to look and feel good for that time at the beach/swimming pool or wherever you’re planning on spending your time this summer

But before you commit to anything drastic we ask you to think about these points.

Is this something you can see yourself still doing in 6 months’ time? For example, if it’s a 6 day a week training program that has excessive restrictions on food are you seriously seeing yourself still doing that in 6 months’ time? If not, don’t start it!!

Are you going to be happy bouncing back some, all or more after you finish this program? No? well don’t start it!

If it’s that restrictive and extreme are you actually going to be sticking to it? Honest answers only here, not the “oh I think I could” kind of answers but actual knowing yes or no. You’ve guessed it, if it’s no then don’t start it!!

Most of these short-term programs and diets are based around the principles that bodybuilders use/used in the last few weeks of prep before stepping on stage. They have a whole different mindset and agenda so they’re willing to suffer short term discomfort and have coaches and teams in place to help support them through it. It’s not something that is meant just to feel good on the beach.

You CAN still make massive differences in the next few months before the summer holidays but, please, be sensible. 3-4 smartly chosen sessions a week – like 2 of our Conditioning classes, a Strength and a Power – and some sensible and SUSTAINABLE adjustments to your nutrition can still have you feeling (and looking) like a different person by the time those holidays come around. With the added bonus of it being something that you can have long lasting results with.

So, for the first time in years, in the lead up to next summer holidays you’re not going to be having the rush and panic and the confidence hit feeling like you need to do something drastic before the holiday – because you’ll be happy and loving how you look and feel all year round!!

If you’re unsure how to take your next step or what it even should be then feel free to come in and talk to one of our skilled trainers who will be happy to talk with you about how we can assist you in getting that summer body…for life!!

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