At the time of writing this we have the privilege of having a work shadowing day – basically Year 8 kids coming in to have a look at what a day of work is like.

This has inspired me to write a bit of a kids view of exercise.

How does what we do, what they SEE us do affect and influence what they do?

It has been shown in many studies and insights that our children get more influenced by what we DO rather than what we SAY or that we TELL them – especially if these things don’t line up.

For example, if you’re telling your kids that they need to be more active.

That they should stop spending so much time watching tv/tablets/whatever it is.

That they should stop eating so much junk/chocolate/crisps etc


If all they see you doing is crashing on the sofa.

Spending your time on your phone/tablet/watching tv

Eating packets of crisps, takeaways, chocolate bars etc

Then this is the behaviour they’re going to be modelling. This is what they are going to using as their standards for life and what they will expect when they grow.

On the other hand, if they see you being active (not just talking about it, but actually seeing you go through it)

If they see you spending time being more productive than just watching tv. Than being lost and engrossed in your phone.

If they see you eating in a balanced way.

The these are the kind of behaviours that they will start to mirror. Maybe not straight away but with consistent effort on your part it will be the behaviours and standards that they hold moving forward.

It is estimated that currently 1/3 of 2-15 year olds are either overweight or obese and the trend isn’t currently heading in a good direction.

As adults, as parents or important figures in young peoples lives we actually have a responsibility not just to take care of ourselves for our own health and wellbeing but for THEIR’S

If you could take a look 20, 30 or 40 years in the future would you be confident that you had set the BEST example that you could for them to emulate, for the standards that they will hold and live to for their lives?

Or would you change something(s) to enable them to have higher standards in their lives?

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