We have been told for quite a while now to avoid too much caffeine. That caffeine can be bad for you and to seek alternatives, with that seeing the rise in decaffeinated teas, coffees and other drinks that can contain it.

But, can caffeine benefit you as far as your training goes?

Well if you look at the ingredients list on most pre-workouts and ‘fat burners’ you’ll see that one of the biggest ingredients in them is caffeine, so the supplement companies definitely think so.

It’s not so much that caffeine speeds up your metabolism very much – although if you’re not used to the caffeine in your system this can be a short-term bonus benefit.

The main reasons for the caffeine being included are that it can combat fatigue and exhaustion.

What does this mean for you?

Well mainly it means that having some caffeine before your workout can help you to train harder and for longer than you potentially could without it.

So, this means that whether you’re working towards fat loss, improved endurance, better performance or lifting heavier weights having the caffeine boost before your training starts will help you to push what you do that bit harder, go for that bit longer and achieve that bit more.

The small extra bits that you can achieve soon add up to improved results.

As for it being in the ‘Fat Burners’ it has the same benefits as above which mean you can burn more calories by training harder and longer, but certain doses of caffeine will also help to supress your appetite.

So, a suppressed appetite combined with being able to train harder and longer will equal the ‘Fat Burner’ results that the pills promise without those dreaded side affects.

Now, for the good news. You don’t need to be going to spend a fortune on all these pills and potions to get your caffeine hit before you train.

A good quality coffee will have the same effect like our blend from silver oak coffee. It’s also not as expensive and, in all honesty, is a lot more enjoyable and until the end of January we are offering Elyte members free tea and coffee to help you through your session or to get through the rest of your day!


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