When you see that one fighter step into the ring,

That single racer line up on the start line,

That speaker or singer stand up on stage,

When that one climber reaches the top of Everest,

Whatever activity it is where you see this one single person reach the pinnacle of what they do, when they get to the best condition, preparation and readiness of their chosen field there is one thing that you don’t see fully.

What is that you may be asking?

It’s the TEAM that they have been working with to get them to that place and position.

Now, these teams have different elements in them depending on what the chosen field is, but they will normally follow a similar set up of Coach(es) training partner(s) team mates and specialists in whatever other areas that are needed.

These all combined help to this one person get to the peak of performance in the quickest possible time.

Now, you may (or may not) be finding this interesting but at the same time be asking yourself

“That’s nice, but what does this have to do with me?”

Well, let’s get to that. The point of this is that it has been shown over and over again in all different areas of life that for people to get the best results, the best performance that they are capable of achieving – in the best timeframe (that’s important & we’ll come back to that in a bit) – it’s best to work as part of a team, rather than going solo.

Working with teammates can help you achieve more, and quicker than going alone.

Let’s look at your training, how many times have you backed out of going to the gym when you’ve said you would for a silly excuse, that wasn’t enough to stop you really going?

How often have you felt the lack of motivation to be going? Felt like you’re not really achieving what you want to?

Here’s the best one, how often have you felt like giving up on your journey and what you are undertaking because you feel that you’re the only one struggling with your struggles and that no one else will ‘get it’?

You would be surprised how many times we have heard that in so many different forms that no one else will understand, no one else “get’s it” only to either be able to relate ourselves to the situation or through an experience that one of our other clients has gone through.

Whatever it is you’re not the only one who has experienced or is going through whatever the situation is.

In other words, there is the beginning of a support network out there for you to plug into with people who know and understand the situation – working with people like this helps you achieve more because it helps you focus on what is needed to move you forward – INSTEAD of what you feel is holding you back (big win here)

The next part to cover is the time frame – you can work by yourself in whatever time frame you want. Pushing harder when you want. Sticking to the schedule when you want. Achieving the results when you want.

But if you’re part of a team you have made a commitment.

This commitment means you are more consistent.

Being more consistent means that you will achieve more and in less time.

In fact, working as part of a small team can increase what you achieve while compressing the timeframe in which that’s achieved.

Imagine being able to make more progress in 3 months working in a small team than you could in 12 months going solo!

That is the kind of intensity that a team work small group can produce.

There is a couple of options for you, either get a group of gym/training buddies so you can all trial and error together and make sure that you are all on the same page with what you want, work ethic etc – a TEAM only works to it’s full potential when everyone in it is focused on and working to their upmost to get towards the target line.

There’s no room in a productive team like this for someone who doesn’t really want to be there, doesn’t do you or them any favours in the long run.

The other option for you is to step into a pre-set team where everyone is as committed as you are to get to that target line, to putting the work in and to becoming the best version of themselves that they are capable of being.

How do you do that? Well this would be a good time to introduce you to the Small Group Training that we offer here at Elyte. Coach led, personalised progressions and a solid team and support network around you to help you achieve what you’re striving for.

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