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With our unique unlimited group training, and a simple-to-stick-to nutrition program, a team of motivated coaches and support from your group, you’ll get everything you need to stay on track…



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helping you to reach your potential

A fitness community, based in the beautiful city of Ely. We specialise in group training, boot camps, personal training, nutritional support and coaching. Our group training is perfect for people of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities. What does this mean to you? Better health, a leaner physique, and the ability to do more with your body than you ever thought possible.

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Take on some real results, real coaching. Join an environment that can push you to help you find what you are capable of achieving.

At Elyte you won’t find rows of treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines and TV’s. Instead you will find a team of trainers focused entirely on getting you motivated, getting you moving, and getting you results!

Our group training methodology is functional fitness, a combination of movements which prepare you for the demands and activities of everyday life. Training multiple muscles, nerves and joints at once, better preparing you for whatever challenges life might throw at you.

All of these sessions to choose from...

Elyte Boot Camp

Following a dynamic warm up, this session will combine bodyweight, strength training, high intensity intervals, and Tabata techniques to raise your metabolic rate, improve your aerobic fitness, endurance levels and increase your overall strength.


If you're looking to tone up, strengthen and burn fat, this full body resistance class using studio weights will give you an all over, total body workout. As you lift, curl and lunge your way through the range of exercises to Sculpt the body.

Body Tone

This session will give your body a top-to-toe workout. The higher reps using a choice of weights are designed to boost your metabolism and burn body fat. This class varies from week to week to keep your body on its toes and ensure you continue to challenge your whole body.

Supple Strength

A combination of Pilates, Yoga and body-weight exercises to sculpt and strengthen whilst relaxing and releasing tight muscles


175 is the ultimate combination of drum and bass music, tons of feel good vibes and the best in bodyweight training. Why 175? That's the average beats per minute of underground dance music and a peak heart rate. Expect a full on 45 minutes of demanding workouts that will evolve and diversify as you do.



Using the amazing Spivi system, this is a high energy class with great music and motivating instructors.



This lower intensity class focuses on stability, improving your mobility, posture, breathing, balance and coordination. You will learn how to reduce tension, and move around more easily.

Kettlebell, Primal Shred

This is a medium to high intensity class. Working with kettlebells and your own body. Improving your conditioning and strength. We will be coaching back to basic natural movement.


Group up to get stronger with our Elyte Strength sessions. With an inspiring coach, you will do more reps and sets to help achieve total-body results. Fun and functional, this workout helps tone and fine-tune major muscle groups for strength and total-body coordination. We will always keep it fresh with a range of equipment and motivating challenges.

Pilates with Sarah

Join an exciting set of Pilates mixed ability flow sessions that will help you improve your flexibility and mobility, build strength and develop control and endurance of the entire body.


Candlelit yoga in our studio with Cathedral view. This is the perfect way to compliment your training. Increase your strength and flexibility, challenge your body, and elongate your muscles to a beautiful sound track, guaranteed to have you feeling calmer.


Stop letting life wear you down and get in your way. Build both physical and mental durability. A workout using a combination of exercises that will help you increase your fitness, improve your strength and blast that stubborn fat, so you can take on life with confidence.

Bounce – Dance Fit

Bounce DanceFit® is a new dance fitness class which incorporates different styles of street dance including hip-hop, waacking and vogueing all set to your favourite 80's and 90's hits! All of the choreographies are easy and fun to follow, making it ideal for all levels. We embrace zero co-ordination and two left feet, so come down and unleash that inner Beyonce diva in you!


Sculpt lean and toned muscles with this dynamic group class. Total Barre blends Pilates with dance, cardio and strength training specifically challenging the arms, legs and core to strengthen and lengthen the body. All set to heart pumping music to leave you feeling motivated and energised after every class.

Zumba Fitness

Energetic fun filled studio class combining fitness and dance moves inspired by various rhythms such as Latin, Salsa, hip hop and more. Great hidden cardio workout!

Cross Train

For great results, mix it up. Our high-intensity workouts are relentlessly reinvented to help you push your limits. We set it, you smash it!

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