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The Power Of Why

Ok so last week we looked at how used in an unhealthy way numbers can become all consuming and how they can even control your moods, self-worth and what you set out to achieve each day. (If you missed that edition then just click here to read) At the end of the post...

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The Measure of Success

Does seeing the number 70 make you happy? Does it make you sad? Does it make you feel frustrated or accomplished? No? How about 80, 65, 140, 180, 10, 37, 64? Do these numbers change how you’re feeling about yourself? Do they affect your mood? Do they affect how you...

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The Perfect Myth

Perfection is something that hangs out in front of us like a carrot hanging from a stick over the donkeys’ head to get it to keep moving. The search for perfection. The perfect diet. The perfect workout. The perfect holiday. The perfect house. The perfect...

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Resolution Health Tips: Number 5 – Getting Your Recovery

Good morning 😊 Welcome to a new week and the latest edition of our blog. So just as a round up before we dive in, over the last few weeks we have covered Hydration, Nutrition Part 1 & Part 2, Activity and even the benefits of Caffeine, if you haven’t had a chance to...

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Capital Physio – New Year New Me

Happy New Year from us at Capital Physio, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas! As we enter January we all have new goals and resolutions to kick off the New Year to a good start. Many people want to improve/change their lifestyle by embarking on a new exercise...

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