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The ELYTE Fitness Youtube channel is open

Ever wondered what a 'hanging abdominal crunch' is, or how to do bulgarian split squats properly? Well we are aiming to answer all those questions with our new Youtube channel. On  there you will find: Instructional videos on exercise techniques 'How-to' videos...

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Move the nation open day at ELYTE Fitness

ELYTE Fitness is flinging open its doors to provide free activities for everyone as part of National Fitness Day 2017 - the most active day of the year. National Fitness Day on Wednesday 27 September will see a huge range of free events and taster sessions take place...

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Getting in shape at 51 – Part Two

What do I want to achieve? Just look at that picture at the top of the page, have you ever seen determination like that? Or a more worthy photo bomb by a bloke up a ladder with a paintbrush? That’s me on the left and Ashley my keen young personal trainer on the right...

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Getting in shape at 51 with Elyte Fitness – Part One

There is an oft quoted statement that you can’t build or maintain muscle much past your late forties. You’re over the fitness hill and should just fade away. but then how do you account for physiques sported by the likes of Jason Statham, Hugh Jackman and Keanu...

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Weight Loss – Some quick tips

It’s Fat Loss not weight loss! Smaller Plates Multiple sources recommend using a smaller plate size to reduce your meal size. The NHS also state that most people overeat and this can easily increase stored energy, most usually in the form of fat. SO, get a smaller...

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