Functional Fitness Classes at ELYTE Fitness

Indoor Fitness Classes


Our conditioning classes are designed to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Brace yourself – these fast-paced, explosive workouts will completely blow away any preconceptions about cardio training. Expect engaging and enjoyable sessions with friendly competition – and a workout that is way more effective than a treadmill.


We all need power on a daily basis, from walking up stairs to simply standing up out of your office chair. If you play sport or enjoy staying active, power is critical. Our power classes will focus on acceleration and speed, transforming your body into an efficient force generator.


Think you’ve been building core strength? Think again. At ELYTE, we see core strength as your body’s ability to stabilise and generate force during movement. Much more than just crunches our core stability.


Strength is arguably the single most important facet of overall fitness. Our ELYTE strength classes will target all major muscle groups using free weight or functional resistance training, making you stronger, leaner and more efficient.


Our all-inclusive membership includes unlimited yoga classes. Yoga is the perfect way to enhance your training programme, allowing you to rebalance body and mind. Focusing on a mind-, body-, breath connection, ELYTE yoga classes will improve your flexibility, blood flow, muscular strength, core stability and mobility. You’ll leave feeling taller, lighter and ready to take on the world.


A classic conditioning class, ELYTE’s Spin classes will take you on a journey through sweat, laughter and healthy competition with the backing track of your dreams. Challenging your cardiovascular fitness, power and strength, spin classes challenge your body and help you progress towards your goals.


We can’t think of a better practice to enhance your muscular strength and endurance while also improving your posture, alignment, muscular activation and core strength than Pilates. With exercises developed to help you find relief from discomfort such as back pain, Pilates lengthens and strengthens the body from head to toe, while moving with the breath.

Boot Camps

A fitness boot camp is type of group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenic and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training. While there are a variety of styles of fitness boot camps, ours are designed in a way that pushes the you harder than you would push yourselves.

These fitness classes get fast results and create a supportive and motivational community of like-minded people.

Don’t be intimidated by the military sounding title, we offer encouragement rather than intimidation and a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

indoor classes at elyte fitness

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Gym Class Timetable

Our Gym at ELYTE Fitness is open from 6am to 10pm seven days a week.

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