Whether it’s one-to-one or small group training, our trainers can help you to achieve the results you want


FUNCTIONAL FITNESS – the key to complete fitness








Functional Fitness Studios

High class precision training to re-define, regenerate, your mind and body, helping to create the best version of you.

Elyte Fitness is a privately owned group and personal training fitness studio. Dawn and her team offer an array of training methods, including team training classes, small group training and one to one. Our unique approach to fitness allows us to touch on all aspects of training. The Elyte coaches, style, atmosphere, and facility separate us from the rest, but it’s our dedication to our members and our creativity that really sets us apart.

Back to Basics

We are bringing the outside world in and taking you back to basics with effective functional training that will allow you to reach your potential. With our small group personal training you are able to build a sustainable and personalised training programme.


At Elyte you won’t find rows of treadmills, cross trainers, rowing machines and TVs. Instead you will find a team of trainers focused entirely on getting you motivated, getting you moving, and getting you results! We will teach to how to train safely, with or without equipment, and help with techniques that may be new to you.


Strength is arguably the single most important facet of overall fitness. Our strength classes will target all major muscle groups using free weight or functional resistance training, making you stronger, leaner and more efficient


We all need power on a daily basis, from walking up stairs to simply standing up out of your office chair. Our power classes will focus on acceleration and speed, transforming your body into an efficient force generator


At ELYTE, we see core strength as your body’s ability to stabilise and generate force during movement. Bring into focus a range of muscles and improve balance, posture, range of motion, flexibility and your overall stability


Enhance your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance. Fast-paced, explosive workouts will completely blow away any preconceptions about cardio training,  a workout that is way more effective than a treadmill


Focusing on a mind, body, breath connection to rebalance body and mind


Improves your posture, alignment, muscular activation and core strength


Challenging your cardiovascular fitness, power and strength, spin classes challenge your body and help you progress towards your goals. Our state of the art cycle studio hosts a mixture of virtual and instructor led spin classes, so you can find the cycle experience that suits your training plan.

As well as fun, friendly classes, our team also set weekly challenges to  satisfy your competitive side (we know you can’t resist a challenge!). Add to that our specially designed collection of supplementary classes, such as Pilates and Yoga, and you’ve got the perfect way to unwind after a workout, helping you rebalance and relax.


Cambridgeshire has a great range of gyms, but we believe that Elyte Fitness offers something completely unique.

We pride ourselves on ensuring we understand your goal and why you have joined us. Maybe your aim is to lose weight, train for an event, to feel stronger, for mental health improvement or you are just looking for that 3rd space? Come to Elyte and be part of a team, achieve your goals together; here you are not just another member. Elyte provides a warm friendly environment where you can achieve the best version of you, whilst making friends and learning new skills at the same time.


Functional fitness is the name given to movements or exercises which mimic the natural movements our bodies make in our day-to-day lives. These activities include squatting, bending, twisting, walking, jumping, and climbing. Working in a controlled and co-ordinated fashion, we can perfect and progress these movements effectively, making carrying the shopping, running for the bus, and picking up your kids a whole lot easier.

Here at ELYTE FITNESS we want to ensure you and your body are efficient, strong, fit and pain free through functional training. Our classes, gym and programs are designed to get you where you want to be and our knowledgeable trainers and therapists ensure that you receive the best of their specialties to help you on your way.

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